About Mauli Milk

M/s Mula Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. established a brand “MAULI” in 1965, which is Maharashtra’s one of the private dairy with an output capacity of 56,000-60,000 liters per day depending availability of raw milk. It is located in the basins of river Mula & Pravara, on Shirdi-Shani Shingnapur road in Rahuri taluka which is the largest Milk growing area of Ahmednagar district. Being based in Ahmednagar area, which is the largest Milk producing district in India few farmers in Rahuri taluka had decided to start a Dairy Plant with the motto "FOR THE FARMERS, BY THE FARMERS.”

For keeping the freshness of Milk without bacteria to avoid delay by the farmers all the Directors have started a Milk collection centre with advance equipments and bulk coolers. It helps to maintain 4°C temperature until reaching main Dairy Plant for further processing. All the milk collection centres are within the radius of 25 km of the company. Company is having 2 chilling centres and more than 50 bulk coolers in and around Ahmednagar Company owns more than 50 refrigeration van for Milk distribution for their 500 dealer's network in Maharashtra.

The company is an ISO certified company, committed to all ISO 19001 :2008 and fssai lic no: 10012022000365 Standards. The product portfolio includes Mauli Cow Milk, Buffalo Milk, Ghee, Pedha, Lassi, Buttermilk, Shrikhand, Amrakhand, Curd, St. Flavored Milk, Malai Paneer, Ice-cream, etc. under the brand name MAULI.

Mr. Gadakh S.R., Mr. Darandale A.S., Mr. Bankar P.B., Mr. Tambe N.K, , Mr. Bankar S.P., Mr. Ghorpade L.A., Mr. Nimse N.G., Mr. More S.R. are managing director of Mula Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. The plant is located at Brahmini in 4 acre area. The Managers in dairy are as follows: Mr. Balasaheb Bhosale(Dairy Manager), Mr.Faruq Shekh (By products Manager), Mr. Rajedra Karande (Finance Manager) and Mr. Ghotekar (Quality Control Manager). The company was started with just collection of 1000 lit of milk and with constant effort of all directors and workers now, the total production of milk is about 65 thousands liter per day in this dairy and during good availability it crosses 1 lakh lit milk collection. The company consist of approx 200 workers engaged in company production, machine operation, marketing and to handle own collection centre. All the products of Mula Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. are marketed under the brand name MAULI. Its annual turnover for 2016-2017 was 125 crore, out of that the turn over for the byproduct section was about 31 lakhs.

Mula Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. is located in west Maharashtra on Rahuri Shani Shinganapur road just 15 Km away from Shani-Shinganapur. The nearby cities connected are Aurangabad at 100 Km, Ahmednagar at 45 Km, Nashik at 150 Km, Pune at 160 km and Mumbai at 250 km. Company is having 2 chilling centres,81 own centres and more than 24 bulk coolers in and around Ahmednagar .

It consist of the various sections laboratory where all the tests are being conducted, milk processing unit where pasteurization, homogenization, chilling of milk takes place .By product section where various products like paneer, lassi, butter milk ,flavored milk, pedha etc. Recently an ice cream plant has been started various flavors like vanilla, butter-scotch, keshar pista and strawberry is prepared.
All the operation of organization is done under the guidance of Mr. Balasaheb Bhosale, Dairy Manager, Mula Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. The milk and milk products of dairy are distributed to Washim, Nanded, Parbhani, Nashik, Thane, Panvel, Pune, Aurangabad, Jalna, Pandharpur etc.The dairy full-filled with all the machinery and equipments with handling capacity I lakh lit/day.

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